Sunday, 11 October 2015

N.B. - Winter Uniform Reminder

Dear Parent/Guardian

Uniform is worn at The High School to encourage a sense of community, pride, and identity.  It also has the advantage of removing undesirable competition in dress standards.  We have traditionally started the academic year in summer uniform.  However, we expect pupils to wear full winter uniform to school, in school, and on the way home from school from Monday 12th October as announced in Assembly this week.

Uniform must be worn neatly.  In the interests of the maintaining the highest standards this includes:

· Waterproof black or red outer jacket with school crest supplied by The Uniform Warehouse for all pupils in Forms 1 and 2; this version will be phased in for all pupils by 2018.
· Plain black, red, or red and black outer jackets with no other logos, slogans, or decorations for all other forms.   
· Sweaters worn for Assembly, at break and lunch time, and while moving between lessons.
· Ties worn neatly covering the top button of a closed collar so that the knot is fully visible when worn with a sweater.
· Shirt fully tucked into skirt or trousers.
· Cuff and shirt buttons closed.
· If it is too warm in a particular class pupils may ask the teacher for permission to remove their sweater while in that classroom only.  However, sweaters should always be worn when moving between lessons and around the school.

All items should be clearly marked with the name and form of the individual pupil.  Please note that a range of sanctions will be applied for contravention of the Uniform Code; pupils in persistent breach of uniform rules and regulations will be placed in detention or sent home.  The decision of the Year Head in consultation with the Deputy Principals is final in all matters of appearance.  We look forward to your full co-operation and support in preserving and enhancing the public image of The High School by ensuring that the way your children dress and behave as they travel between school and home is of the highest possible standard.

With thanks and best wishes

Yours faithfully

Mr G A Forrest
The High School

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