Sunday, 25 September 2016

Open Evening - a Wonderful Success

On Wednesday last we opened our doors at The High School to the public and invited those with an interest to wander our corridors, meet our pupils and teachers, and sample the wonderful variety of life at the school.  We wandered the corridors as new parents and looked with delight into the Science laboratory where we saw a group of young people gathered around an exciting experiment.  We peeked into the Home Economics room and saw the pupils and teachers there whisking and mixing, filling the entire building with the delicious aroma of baking.  Our ears were enchanted by the rising harmonies and melodies echoing from the Music Centre as the choir charmed a beguiled audience, while the delights of the Art Department provided enough visual wonder to make even the least capable of us wish that we could be pupils again.
There were games and quizzes in Business, Mathematics, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages, symbols from the ancient world in Classics, stories about Yeats in English, and myths and legends in Irish and History, astounding displays of woodwork in the Technical Block and Physical Education with international representatives in the Gymnasium.  In every nook and cranny, there were people gathered, listening, talking and sampling just a little of what we do at The High School, led along by their tour guides, our helpful and smiling pupils, who gave up their evening so willingly.
And when the last parent had gone and the doors of The High School were closed for the night, it felt like something special had happened - that we had experienced a little of the magic of The High School with all those who had visited.

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