Monday, 10 October 2016

Playing Hockey - Making friends - Thoughts on the Australian Visit.

Monday couldn’t come fast enough as we all awaited the arrival of the Calrossy team. That evening was spent getting to know our billets, meeting up in small groups for a night of culture exchanges and many laughs. We got to know the girls really well and this calmed our nerves immensely as they were such a lovely group of players. Our match the next day was one not to forget; both teams put up a hard fight but The High School went ahead to win 3-0. The atmosphere surrounding the match was incredible.  We all felt as if we had always known each other. Both teams then met in the Dining Room for refreshments, where a presentation was held. Later that day we had managed to round up almost everyone from both teams for their last night in Dublin. The next morning was an early start in order for the touring team to catch their ferry in time. Goodbyes and "good lucks" were shared and they got on their bus to the next destination, waving as they left through the front gate. The few days were well enjoyed by both teams knowing we had all made new friends.
Erica Macari (Form 4)

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