Sunday, 23 August 2020

A Staggered Return to School

 This year we will return to school slowly, in a staggered fashion, with only one form group returning to school each day.  Remember, stay safe, social distance and wear a facemask!

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Activity Week at The High School

These events that have been organised are an opportunity to be part of The High School community and join in some activities together. They have been designed so that we can feel that we are not alone, but, rather, that we celebrate what is good within the school community. The themes for the activities focus on friendship, coming together, and celebrating those around us, during a time of distance. Below is an outline of the activities that we will be launched during HSD Activity Week. These activities can be done alone, or in contact with friends in pairs, groups, or with your family. Maybe you could even do some of these activities outdoors, still staying appropriately physically distant, with your friends!

Monday, 25th May: Activity Day
· A Form Class will go through some of these events and allow you to plan your week!
· The Sports and Activity Day has 21 different activities to do. Record on Microsoft Forms and submit. Compete against your year group, other Form groups, and even the teachers!
· Videos will be posted on the Activity Day Channel on Stream with professionals giving specific tutorials on Strength and Conditioning, Yoga, Boxercise, Mobility Routine, Latin Dance !
· The Student Council will be organising a film that the student body can watch together.

Tuesday, 26th May: Summer Concert
· Despite our inability to have our usual Summer Concert, we will be having a remote Summer Concert. Being brought together virtually, we will have students perform live from their homes to ours. Hosted and organised by the students, this will be a concert that should be full of wonderful music and connectivity. Information about how to watch will be provided during the week, so please keep an eye on all our different media!
· Record a lip-sync or Tic-Tok of your favourite song and send it in. Best one wins a prize!

Wednesday, 27th May: Library and Literacy Day
· The day begins with a Drop Everything And Read (DEAR), where students stop doing everything and become enthralled in the activity of reading.
· They will be encouraged to record what they are reading and to send in images of themselves in ‘Extreme Reading’ locations!
· Create poems using the spines and titles of books at home and send them in.
· As part of HSD150- find a book, turn to page 150 and find word 150- send it in and the library will make a composition using the words.
· In the evening, there will be a gaming competition organised by the Student Council.

Thursday, 28th May: Art and Culture Day
· We launch the inaugural HSD Virtual Art-exhibition. The whole community can come and view the students’ work. We are particularly delighted to be exhibiting the work of our Form 6 students one last time before they leave. Parents, friends, teachers and students can visit the exhibition site online. A link to the site will be provided during the week.
· Former students and artists will post interviews and videos detailing some of the work that they are doing and what it is like being an artist.
· Students and families are encouraged to re-enact a famous painting or image and send it in to win a prize.
· There will be number of art competitions in which to get involved.
· The winner of the school journal cover will be announced (deadline for submissions is Monday 25th 09:00)
· The Student Council are organising a junior and senior school quiz.

Friday, 29th May: The Premiere of the Class of 2020’s Final Farewell film
· The last day of school will see the premiere of the Class of 2020 Final Farewell film. A celebration of the last 6 years of their time together within The High School. It will be broadcast first on the Activity Week 2020 Stream that morning and all are welcome to revisit many of the best times with the Class of 2020, listen to some of their music and hear the speeches of the Head Girl and Head Boy as they bid a farewell to the school.
· The Principal will mark the end of the 2019-2020 academic year with a video on Stream.

Please note:
Many of these activities have opportunities to win prizes when photographs are sent in. Please send any photographs, artwork, poems, or contributions to
Be aware that a lot of the video content will be located on the Activity Week 2020 Channel of The High School’s Microsoft Stream . You may need to download this application, but it is available on the domain Microsoft suite.

It is hoped that these activities (and other events that will be added over this week) will provide a positive end to, what has been, an incredibly challenging and demanding year. They are an opportunity to remind ourselves, during these times of distance and isolation, that The High School is more than just computers, homework and schoolwork, but it is a community of people experiencing challenges and successes together.

Kind regards,

The Activity Week 2020 Team

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ali Meeke - World Cup Final 2018

August 5, 2018 and by some outlandish miracle the Ireland Women's hockey team were lined-up next to their Dutch counterparts in the tunnel, about to run on the pitch to play in the final of the World Cup.  I'll never forget that feeling, absolutely fan girling over every single one.  I looked at each player from the front line to the back, with the biggest smile on my face, relishing this moment, this opportunity, this experience - one that was about to change my life forever.  I visulaised certain situations, thought about how I promised myself I would not stop working as hard as I could out there because we knew that the Dutch play the best give and go game.  The adrenaline was pumping, and then we were running out of the tunnel.
We were assailed by a sea of green support, with surging cries and cheers that took my breath away.  We ran by flames leaping high into the air, but nothing could compare to the warmth of support that came washing over us from the crowd.  An then the anthem - reverberating around the stadium -  an experience that neither hockey, nor any sport had ever had before... Our anthem being played at a World Cup Final.  Similar large events happen for rugby, for football, but this time it was our turn, the turn of women's hockey, it was our turn, our day.  Overwhelmed by emotion, no tears fell, for we had done it - this was the final and we would savour it forever.
Ali Meeke
Memories of the Greatest Day