Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ali Meeke - World Cup Final 2018

August 5, 2018 and by some outlandish miracle the Ireland Women's hockey team were lined-up next to their Dutch counterparts in the tunnel, about to run on the pitch to play in the final of the World Cup.  I'll never forget that feeling, absolutely fan girling over every single one.  I looked at each player from the front line to the back, with the biggest smile on my face, relishing this moment, this opportunity, this experience - one that was about to change my life forever.  I visulaised certain situations, thought about how I promised myself I would not stop working as hard as I could out there because we knew that the Dutch play the best give and go game.  The adrenaline was pumping, and then we were running out of the tunnel.
We were assailed by a sea of green support, with surging cries and cheers that took my breath away.  We ran by flames leaping high into the air, but nothing could compare to the warmth of support that came washing over us from the crowd.  An then the anthem - reverberating around the stadium -  an experience that neither hockey, nor any sport had ever had before... Our anthem being played at a World Cup Final.  Similar large events happen for rugby, for football, but this time it was our turn, the turn of women's hockey, it was our turn, our day.  Overwhelmed by emotion, no tears fell, for we had done it - this was the final and we would savour it forever.
Ali Meeke
Memories of the Greatest Day

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Waiting For Godot - Drama

On Wednesday 3 May, Forms 4 and 5 pupils from the cast and crew of the 2017 HSD One Act Drama Festival Entry, 'Last Class on a Monday', had the pleasure of attending the Abbey Theatre to see the Druid Theatre Company’s production of Samuel Beckett’s 'Waiting for Godot'.  A number of Form 5 pupils had been introduced to Beckett in our Transition Year Drama module, but we didn’t quite know what to expect before watching the play.  The experience, as it turned out, was unexpected!  'Waiting for Godot' proved to be a philosophical journey through an existential crisis from a humorous perspective. The piece was a thought-provoking experience and a great example of how empty Samuel Beckett felt his time was when he served with the Red Cross in Normandy. The staging was magnificent and the performance was expertly acted with subtlety and class. Overall, the visit to the Abbey Theatre was an extremely enjoyable experience that enhanced our knowledge of drama.
Avery Angle

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A Fine End To The Season

The weather forecast for Saturday 11 March 2017 was showery with a brighter day to come.  In some ways this forecast reflected the fortunes of The High School U14 rugby team as they participated in the annual Central League tournament.  The team was already at a slight disadvantage as the tournament clashed with a Scout's trip so some players, who would have been in contention for a starting place were absent. Nonetheless, the 18 players who represented The High School put in a solid performance.
The matches lasted only 18 minutes and first up High School faced Wesley College on home ground. Wesley are a skillful side and despite a strong performance from The High School Wesley won the match 14-7.  Next came The King's Hospital.  Being battle-ready from their encounter with Wesley The High School put in a strong performance to secure a convincing victory.  Again, in their third match The High School were victorious which saw them progress to the semi-finals.  Here they faced St Andrew's College.  This was a tough contest worthy of a semi-final.  It finished at 5-5, but as the rules of the competition stated that in the event of a draw the first team to score progressed, The High School were through to the final.
We were pitted against Gonzaga College who had won the competition four times in the last eight years.  As the 'first to score' rule still applied The High School players knew an early score was vital.  They pressed Gonzaga hard and were rewarded with a try in the first two minutes.  The remainder of the match saw advantage swing from one team to the other but even the Gonzaga coach commented on the our team's stellar defence.  In the dying seconds of the match Gonzaga broke The High School's line and scored.  At 5-5, The High School were still in pole position, but crucially The High School had missed their conversion kick.  Gonzaga had the opportunity to steal victory with the final kick of the match.  The Gonzaga out-half pulled his kick wide and the day belonged to The High School.
Congratulations to all those players who took part in a well-deserved victory (including those who could not attend on the day) and to the coaches for their commitment throughout the year.