Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Green Schools News

Advancing on last year’s success on obtaining our Energy flag, we are moving onto this year’s theme of Water, while we continue to progress in our work in Litter & Waste and Energy. Students from across the year groups meet bimonthly to discuss current issues and work to pursue our next goals.
Good work has been done by our members in management liaison, publicity and other areas. A group has conducted a survey of water use, locations (taps, toilets, etc.), and possibilities for improvements.
The school’s water meter has been checked weekly to calculate our water usage. A questionnaire has
been put together, which will be released to all students and staff. Our upcoming results will soon be
available on the Green Schools noticeboard. Next term, we are looking forward to holding a Water Awareness week, and also, a school-wide poster competition.  Have any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations for us? The Green Schools committee meets every second Thursday morning in A22. The next Green Schools meeting is on Thursday 21 January at 8.30am.  See the updated noticeboard, or contact Green Schools members or Mr. Barry for more information.

Tip of the Week: Try having a quick shower instead of a bath this week, it can save dozens of litres! 

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