Monday, 29 February 2016

Mock Election 2016

2H held a mock general election on Tuesday February 2016 in the demonstration theater. The electorate was 694, the total poll was 563, spoiled votes 29 so total valid poll came to 534. As this was a single seat constituency we worked out the quota as 268. The result of the first count was as follows:

Adams, Gerry (Sinn Fein)  206

Burton, Joan (Labour) 57

Coppinger, Ruth (AAA/PBP) 8

Creighton, Lucinda (Renua) 30

Kenny, Enda (Fine Gael) 92

Martin, Michael (Fianna Fail) 23

Murphy, Catherine (Social Democrats) 15

Ross, Shane (Independent Alliance) 48

Ryan, Éamonn (Green Party) 55

As no candidate reached the quota of 268 on the first count we moved to eliminate the lowest
placed candidates and distributed their second preferences. On the 6th count the government party
leaders Enda Kenny, Fine Gael, and Joan Burton, Labour, drew close to Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin.
However on the 7th count Gerry Adams, Sinn Féin had reached a total of 256 votes and was deemed
elected without reaching the quota. Thanks to everyone who voted.
By Nathan Hutchinson-Edgar

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