Saturday, 10 October 2015

Fun at Larch Hill - Form 1 October Trip

On the 2 October 2015, all the Form 1 classes went to Larch Hill. We were split up into seven different groups. We played in the playground until all the buses had arrived. Then the activities began. There were many different activities including Paintball, Survival Skills, Grass Sledging, Team Building, Archery, Wall-Climbing and a very exciting obstacle course. They were fun and interesting activities as many of us had never done them before and even the people who had done the activities before still had great fun.

The only complaint was that we couldn't stay longer. We would like to thank Ross, Danny , Ciaran, Nathan, Paul, Rike and James and all of the staff at Larch Hill for leading us and helping us through all the activities. They really made the day great. Also a big thank you to all the staff at HSD who brought us and organised us.

By Mia McCulllough, Éle Ní Chonbhuí and Bevin Dixon.
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