Wednesday, 21 October 2015

HSD Victory: SCT vs De La Salle League Quarter-Final

Superb play from the Senior Cup Team today at The High School.  The team faced De La Salle on their home ground in Rathgar, in front of a crowd of eager supporters.
The High School took an early lead against their rivals and despite De La Salle's resurgence in the middle of the game, there was never any doubt that High School would win the day.
After half time, De La Salle came out fighting and it took all of The High School's determination to hold them back.  The insistent, rally-cry of Ronan O'Byrne reminded the lads what was at stake and the tide began to turn in The High School's favour.
As tempers began to flair, and the tries began to mount for The High School, both sides pushed themselves to the limit, but undoubtedly, the High School proved themselves to be the better team, dominating at the end of the second half and ultimately the game.
Final score, 28-10 to The High School, giving them a well-deserved place in the League semi-final.

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