Thursday, 20 October 2016

Team Hope Shoebox Appeal

As the Christmas season once again draws near, Team Hope returns to the High School.  Mr Barry and two Form 6 pupils appeared on TV3 at the weekend, to talk about the charity and what it felt like to hand-deliver shoe boxes to children in Lesotho last summer.  (Click here to watch)
This year Ms Hilliard and the Team Hope Team want all of us to make an even bigger contribution to this worthwhile project.  But what is it all about?  Well, Team Hope delivers Christmas presents to children in areas who would normally never receive such a gift. It is an Irish, Christian organization who helps children and their communities. Team Hope helps communities in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Africa. And this year, you could help them, by joining people from all over the country and helping to bring joy to children in some of the poorest and remotest parts of the world.

Here's how to take part.
Get an ordinary shoe-box, any will do. Then wrap the box and lid in wrapping paper individually. Then put on the label, provided by Ms. Hilliard, stating the age and gender of the recipient. Then use the four W’s as a rough guide to put in your gifts!

Write: Something to use at school such as pencil, pen, paper, or a solar calculator!

Wash: Some hygiene items – a towel, wrapped soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Wear: Something to wear – a hat, gloves, a scarf or underwear.

WOW! : A treat - something like sunglasses, a game, a toy or a small musical instrument.

However please don’t put in war related items, scar items, medicine or chocolate, anything dangerous, liquids which could freeze or spill, or food which could go off.  Otherwise, be creative and put in whatever catches your fancy.  Also, remember to add four euro to your box to pay for the shipping costs.  Bring in your shoe-boxes by the 7 November, the first day back after the mid-term  break. Please participate in this worthwhile charity.   It's for the children!  Get in touch with Ms Hilliard and the Team Hope Team if you have any further questions.
Wolf Chung  (Form 4)

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