Tuesday 6 December 2016

Green Schools Ambassador Programme

On 23 November, Joy Sherwood and Fields Chung  attended the first training day of the Green-Schools Ambassador Programme.  In the morning session, various speakers presented the subjects of Green-Schools and water, communication techniques, water and wastewater treatment in Ireland, and marine litter.  After a break and a short bus trip, we arrived at the Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant.  We were given a brief presentation about the functioning, processes, products, and implications of the works, followed by a tour around the enormous facilities.  We would like to thank Ms. Lyons, who escorted us on our excursion and coordinates the Green-Schools committee.  Fields and Joy will now serve as Green-Schools Water Ambassadors throughout the year.  The next committee meeting is on 1 November at 8:30 am in A22. Please come along!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Tree Planting for a Greener World

A big thank you to TD and Leader of the Green Party, Mr Eamonn Ryan who visited High School recently to plant a tree as part of a Form 3 CSPE Action Project.

Friday 21 October 2016

Senior Boys’ Hockey All-Irelands

Sixteen of Ireland’s leading schools will lock horns this week as the 2016 All-Ireland Schoolboys Hockey Championship comes to Dublin on Wednesday 26 October.  The tournament will be played out across 33 matches, seven venues, four groups, and three days of high-octane action that serves as one of the highlights of the Irish hockey calendar.  The High School Senior Boys team will go into the competition against the reigning champions Banbridge Academy to battle their way through to the semi-finals on Friday week. The team qualified for the competition last season after winning the Senior Trophy and have been training towards the competition for the past 10 weeks.  We would like to wish them the best of luck.

Thursday 20 October 2016

Team Hope Shoebox Appeal

As the Christmas season once again draws near, Team Hope returns to the High School.  Mr Barry and two Form 6 pupils appeared on TV3 at the weekend, to talk about the charity and what it felt like to hand-deliver shoe boxes to children in Lesotho last summer.  (Click here to watch)
This year Ms Hilliard and the Team Hope Team want all of us to make an even bigger contribution to this worthwhile project.  But what is it all about?  Well, Team Hope delivers Christmas presents to children in areas who would normally never receive such a gift. It is an Irish, Christian organization who helps children and their communities. Team Hope helps communities in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Africa. And this year, you could help them, by joining people from all over the country and helping to bring joy to children in some of the poorest and remotest parts of the world.

Here's how to take part.
Get an ordinary shoe-box, any will do. Then wrap the box and lid in wrapping paper individually. Then put on the label, provided by Ms. Hilliard, stating the age and gender of the recipient. Then use the four W’s as a rough guide to put in your gifts!

Write: Something to use at school such as pencil, pen, paper, or a solar calculator!

Wash: Some hygiene items – a towel, wrapped soap, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Wear: Something to wear – a hat, gloves, a scarf or underwear.

WOW! : A treat - something like sunglasses, a game, a toy or a small musical instrument.

However please don’t put in war related items, scar items, medicine or chocolate, anything dangerous, liquids which could freeze or spill, or food which could go off.  Otherwise, be creative and put in whatever catches your fancy.  Also, remember to add four euro to your box to pay for the shipping costs.  Bring in your shoe-boxes by the 7 November, the first day back after the mid-term  break. Please participate in this worthwhile charity.   It's for the children!  Get in touch with Ms Hilliard and the Team Hope Team if you have any further questions.
Wolf Chung  (Form 4)

Monday 17 October 2016

Maths Competition

This week is Maths Week and, along with all the special activities that the maths classes will be involved in this week, here is a competition that any pupil may enter. 
All you have to do is come up with a suitable, maths related, either funny or serious question that has the answer "7 penguins". Give your entry to your maths teacher by the end of school on Friday 21st October. There will be a prize for the best question as judged by the maths teachers.

Sunday 16 October 2016

High School Hosts All Ireland Boys' Hockey Tournament

All Ireland Schools Groups

All Ireland Schools Match Schedule

Wednesday 26 October

St Andrew’s College

1.30pm Newpark v Ashton

3.30pm Wallace v Campbell

High School

1.30pm Wesley v Bandon

3.30pm Friends v Sullivan


1.30pm St Andrew’s v Mt Temple

3.30pm Raphoe v Cookstown


1.30pm High Sch v Villiers

3.30pm Banbridge v Methody

Thursday 27 October

St Andrew’s College

10.00am St Andrew’s v Cookstown

11.30am Wallace v Ashton

2.15pm St Andrew’s v Raphoe

3.45pm Bandon v Friends

Wesley College

10.00am Villiers v Banbridge

11.30am Wesley v Friends

2.15pm Methody v Villiers

3.45pm Wesley v Sullivan

High School

10.00am High School v Methody

11.30am Sullivan v Bandon

2.15pm High School v Banbridge

3.45pm Campbell v Ashton

Mt Temple

10.00am Mt Temple v Raphoe

2.15pm Mt Temple v Cookstown


11.30am Newpark v Campbell

3.30pm Wallace v Newpark

Friday 28 October

High School

10.00am Friendly

11.30am Friendly

Mt Temple

10.00am Friendly

11.30am Friendly


10.00am Friendly

11.30am Friendly

Three Rock Rovers

9.30am Semi Finals

2.30pm Final.

Simon Community Fun Run

On 3 October 2016, the 33rd Dublin Simon Fun Run took place in the Phoenix Park. As always, a large number of High School students and teachers attended. While the weather was extremely wet at the beginning, it soon cleared up and the sun was shining by the time everyone reached the finish line.  The five mile run is a pleasant route through the scenic, deer-filled park .  Upon finishing the run, everybody received a goody bag and medal and had their photo taken.  The Dublin Simon Community is a fantastic charity that works closely with those experiencing homelessness. Their work includes doing nightly soup runs, and providing Mobile Health Units for those sleeping rough.  Aside from being an extremely enjoyable event, the Fun Run is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and much needed funds for a worthy cause.  The High School has an excellent reputation for fundraising for this charity, so far having raised over €1,700 and I would highly recommend everyone to get involved with the Fun Run next year, or to sponsor their friends.
Grace Gageby (Form5)

Thursday 13 October 2016

UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Award

We are delighted to have been advised that an immediate past pupil from The High School has been awarded an Ad Astra Scholarship for Music in UCD in recognition of his exceptional talent as a violinist.  The UCD Ad Astra Performing Arts Scholarships are awarded, on an application and merit basis, to students who demonstrate talent and dedication to their art alongside commitment to their chosen academic degree.  In 2016, Luke Kehoe Roche (HSD, 2010-16) achieved this notable distinction and has been awarded the Ad Astra Scholarship. We offer him and all recent past pupils our warmest congratulations on their achievements and wish them every success in their academic careers.

Form 5 Play - Rehearsal Dates

Wednesday, 12 th October Rehearsal, 3-6

Thursday, 13 th October Possible production

Friday, 14 th October Rehearsal, 4-6

Tuesday, 18 th October Rehearsal, 4-6

Wednesday, 19 th October Production, 2-4

Thursday, 20 th October Possible production

Friday, 21 st October Rehearsal, 4-6

Saturday, 22 nd October Rehearsal. 10:30- 2

Tuesday, 25 th October Rehearsal, 4-6

Wednesday, 26 th October Production, 2-4

Thursday, 27 th October Possible production

Friday, 28 th October Rehearsal, 12:40- 3:30

Tuesday, 1 st November Rehearsal (+ production), 10:30- 5

Wednesday, 2 nd November Rehearsal, 10:30- 5

Friday, 4 th November Rehearsal, 10:30- 12

Monday, 7 th November Production+ Rehearsal TBC (4-6)

Tuesday, 8 th November PTM, rehearsal TBC

Wednesday, 9 th November Production+ Rehearsal TBC (3-6)

Thursday, 10 th November Production+ Rehearsal TBC

Friday, 11 th November Rehearsal, 4-6

Saturday, 12 th November Rehearsal, 10:30– needed

Monday, 14 th November Tech Rehearsal, 4– needed

Tuesday, 15 th November Final rehearsal, 4– needed

Wednesday, 16 th November Dress rehearsal, 2– needed

Thursday, 17 th November Play, opening night!

Friday, 18 th November Play, second night!

Saturday, 19 th November Play, closing night!

 Dates and times may change. For example dates may be added or taken away.

Keep an eye out for any new information

 Saturday and midterm rehearsals are so important for choreography, singing and

run throughs. Very, very, very, very important to attend.

 Remember, at weekend and midterm rehearsals, bourbon and custard creams will

be provided!

 Remember, you will only be involved with the Fifth Year Production for such

limited amount of time. After that, it’s over, and you’ll be part of the history

books. Live for the now of the play, and enjoy every fleeting second of the


 Any questions, come and see me.

Mr J Milofsky


On Friday 30 September and Saturday 1 October, twenty-one students alongside Ms.Beamish made their way to Terenure College, prepared for a long weekend of debating. In Model United Nations (MUN), a student represents a country and debates various topics. The delegates from The High School represented Australia, Japan and the Russian Federation. We spent Friday and Saturday afternoon debating in our committees, discussing resolutions varying from childhood obesity to international terrorism. Congratulations to Chloe Holmes who won a prestigious Distinguished Delegate award. It was a really fun weekend. We would like to thank Ms.Beamish and Terenure College for helping to make the conference so enjoyable.

Monday 10 October 2016

Transition Year Cultra Trip

On Tuesday the 27 September Form 4 pupils went to the Ulster Folk and Transport museum in Cultra, County Down.  We met in the train station at 8.45am and took the train to Belfast Central, followed by a connecting train to Cultra.  From here we walked to the Folk museum.  We were put into teams and given a worksheet to be completed.  We began by looking around the buildings in the re-modelled town, such as the tea room, picture house, bank, post office and printers.  Many of us bought sweets in the sweet shop before we left.  After the town, we entered the rural area and looked around old fashioned houses and businesses including a forge and a mill.  Once finished at the Folk museum we went to the Transport museum where there were hundreds of cars, train carriages and buses.  There was also a Titanic exhibition containing recovered artefacts from the sunken ship.  We finished in the Land, Sea and Air museum after looking at bikes, boats and planes.  We arrived home to Connolly Station hungry and tired but having had an educational and worthwhile day.  Thank you to the teachers for organising it.
Katie Moore (Form 4)

Playing Hockey - Making friends - Thoughts on the Australian Visit.

Monday couldn’t come fast enough as we all awaited the arrival of the Calrossy team. That evening was spent getting to know our billets, meeting up in small groups for a night of culture exchanges and many laughs. We got to know the girls really well and this calmed our nerves immensely as they were such a lovely group of players. Our match the next day was one not to forget; both teams put up a hard fight but The High School went ahead to win 3-0. The atmosphere surrounding the match was incredible.  We all felt as if we had always known each other. Both teams then met in the Dining Room for refreshments, where a presentation was held. Later that day we had managed to round up almost everyone from both teams for their last night in Dublin. The next morning was an early start in order for the touring team to catch their ferry in time. Goodbyes and "good lucks" were shared and they got on their bus to the next destination, waving as they left through the front gate. The few days were well enjoyed by both teams knowing we had all made new friends.
Erica Macari (Form 4)

Saturday 8 October 2016

What Always Impresses me About Rugby - HSD V Calrossy NSW

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Watching painfully from the sideline as two groups of players from worlds apart, came together to do battle on the pitch. Two different styles of play combined for a thrilling affair; back and forth the teams, scrapping for every inch, but all that could separate the teams was the final whistle bringing a conclusion to the contest. But not even the whistle could keep the rivals away for long. Before exiting the pitch indefinitely, both cultures displayed their flags and joined arms to show the true spirit of the game. What always impresses me about rugby is the fact that after 80
gruelling minutes of battering one and other, you can still come together and have a laugh. The atmosphere in the Dining Room afterwards was buzzing with chat, laughter, and applause as the players shared food and drink with their opposite number and discussed plans for later that evening.
​Edward Meredith (Form 5)

Why I think Home Economics is an Amazing Subject

Home Economics is an amazing subject.  It is all about the household skills everyone
needs to know. You learn about nutrition, how to cook and how to sew and knit. We won’t be knitting until after Christmas, but we are learning how to bake  - we have baked cookies, scones, a sponge cake and some thing of our own choice. We have also learned about the nutrition the body needs. If you chose Home Economics, brilliant! If not, change to it now!

By Hugh Geraghty

Friday 7 October 2016

Girls' 7's Dublin Champions

The High School Girl's 7s rugby team competed in a tournament yesterday, Thursday the 9 October. We played 4 matches of 7 minutes a half. Our first match began at 10.30 against Mount Temple, which we won 5-4. We then played Firhouse with another win, putting us through to the semi final. The semi final was played against St. Raphaela's School with an 8-0 win for The High School. By earning a place in the final, we were automatically put through to the Leinster tournament to be held in Donnybrook. We elected to play the final anyway against St Louis High School which finished with a win of 6-4 to us. The High School became the Girls' 7's Dublin Champions and were put through to the next round!
Katie Moore (Form 4)

Thursday 6 October 2016

Debutante Ball - Class of 2016

We got lost on the way, a teacher driving behind a parent on route to the The High School debutante ball at The Radisson Hotel; not a great start I grant you.  And when we dipped into the car park I felt like Orpheus slipping into The Underworld, a little uneasy, as teachers always are at these events, in case you forget someone's name or you say the wrong thing.  But I was there to see the kids, to see them off for the last time, to mark the end of their six years at The High School, and if the worst came to the worst I could always hide behind my camera and pretend to be working.  
Two steps out of the car and I was hailed from the shadows by a kind High School parent who called me 'Miss' and by my surname, and I immediately felt at ease. The pupils would be along shortly I was told, so we waited in the reception room, circled together like wagons in a western; I could sense a little anxiety. The talk was of their children's first day at university , an exam some had tomorrow, how they were still settling in to their college courses. Some had been under the weather, 'all those new germs', new people, new places.  'Just like when they started creche!' someone said and I could suddenly see it in their eyes - the anxiety of the new parent on the first day of school.  They were going through it all again, the hope of success, the pain of separation, something I knew something about.  'This is the end of 12 years at The High School for our family', said another shakily.  "That's something..." 
And with the phrase still hanging in the air, there was a whir of excitement, a blur of colour and suddenly they were there, the butterflies and peacocks, with laughter and news, embraces and that sense of camaraderie that is so special to High School pupils. Gone were their baggy, black jumpers, and ponytails: in a matter of months they had transformed into fully grown, radiant young men and women, every one at least two inches taller I was certain.  "I've changed course Miss. I'm doing English after all!" ... "I'm still writing everyday, but Maths is creative too, Miss."  And then I glimpsed a boy bending down to kiss his mother's upturned cheek - a goodbye.  The parents, judging the time to leave far better than I, seemed to melt away.  So again I followed, casting one last, backward glance at the Class of 2016, golden under yellow light, those pupils who had taught me so much during their time at The High School.  I left, passing up, out of The Underworld, to a star-filled sky.  There'd be no getting lost this time, and I suddenly knew, this was no true ending, rather a commencement.  And I consigned the evening to memory, for I had not taken a photograph, not a single one.

Michelle Burrowes.

Saturday 1 October 2016

HSD-Blessington transport initiative

The High School is delighted to announce the introduction of a new transport link from the HSD car park to Blessington via Terenure, Templeogue, and Tallaght every day after school with effect from Monday 3 October at 3.55pm (and every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 3.55pm and Wednesday at 1.15pm thereafter) until further notice.  It will also be possible for pupils living along the route from HSD to Blessington to use this service on a daily basis if they wish to do so.  The service will be provided by 'Express Bus' whose company name will be clearly displayed on the side of the vehicle; all 'Express Bus' drivers are Garda Vetted in accordance with current legislation.  The cost will be 90c (cash only) for any stage of the one-way journey; alternatively, it will be possible to purchase a book of 10 journeys for €8.  You should note that Leap Cards cannot be used for this service.  However, Leap Cards remain valid for all inward Dublin Bus routes (including the No 65 bus) in the usual way.  If you have any queries about this development please do not hesitate to contact the Office.

So You Want To Get an A in English?

Form 5 English pupils have created a series of audio recordings of the Eavan Boland poems that are on the Leaving Certificate course for 2018.  What an easy way to learn-off those key quotations for the BIG English exam on Tuesday!
Click HERE

Sunday 25 September 2016

Open Evening - a Wonderful Success

On Wednesday last we opened our doors at The High School to the public and invited those with an interest to wander our corridors, meet our pupils and teachers, and sample the wonderful variety of life at the school.  We wandered the corridors as new parents and looked with delight into the Science laboratory where we saw a group of young people gathered around an exciting experiment.  We peeked into the Home Economics room and saw the pupils and teachers there whisking and mixing, filling the entire building with the delicious aroma of baking.  Our ears were enchanted by the rising harmonies and melodies echoing from the Music Centre as the choir charmed a beguiled audience, while the delights of the Art Department provided enough visual wonder to make even the least capable of us wish that we could be pupils again.
There were games and quizzes in Business, Mathematics, Geography and Modern Foreign Languages, symbols from the ancient world in Classics, stories about Yeats in English, and myths and legends in Irish and History, astounding displays of woodwork in the Technical Block and Physical Education with international representatives in the Gymnasium.  In every nook and cranny, there were people gathered, listening, talking and sampling just a little of what we do at The High School, led along by their tour guides, our helpful and smiling pupils, who gave up their evening so willingly.
And when the last parent had gone and the doors of The High School were closed for the night, it felt like something special had happened - that we had experienced a little of the magic of The High School with all those who had visited.

Friday 23 September 2016

Transition Year Outdoor Education

This year, Transition Year pupils went to Kippure Estate, Co Wicklow to participate in an overnight camping excursion. We enjoyed a range of activities including; hiking in the Wicklow Mountains, camp craft activities, orienteering, archery, wall climbing, abseiling and a high/low ropes course.
We arrived early at approximately 10 am and were introduced to our instructors from the Irish Army who would be accompanying us over the next twenty-four hours. Next we were greeted with the daunting sight of the mountain that we were going to hike up. After a number of hours trudging through the sweltering heat we reached the summit of Mount Seefin and gorged on our lunches, taking in the
magnificent scenery that surrounded us.
Upon return to our camp we were immediately engaged in more practical matters such as pitching our tents for the night. For many this proved quite difficult. After our exploits with the tents, we participated in further camp craft
activities such as learning how to start a fire using flint, and how to filter water using charcoal, fine stones and moss.
As evening drew in, we participated in an orienteering course, where our instructors handed us maps and gave us instructions to source the food that
would be used in preparing our dinner.  We worked together in groups and used the skills that we learned earlier that day to cook the food sourced over our handmade fires. Later that evening we were summoned by our instructors for a night hike. On return, we sang songs in the blackness of the woods around the comforting glow of the campfire before heading to bed.
After an early morning rise we ate breakfast and dismantled our tents before packing them away. We were then put through our paces in a number of adventure activities, where we scaled walls to giddy heights and leapt from dangling trapezes. After a thoroughly enjoyable and bonding experience we returned to our everyday lives, tired yet fulfilled.

Luan Rogers

Saturday 17 September 2016

Junior Certificate Awards 2016

On Wednesday the 14 September 2016, Form 4 pupils got their long awaited Junior Certificate results. For the last time we gathered together in our old Form 3 classes and were presented with our 'brown envelopes' in alphabetical order. The tension began to build but we were soon put put of our misery as teachers passed out our results. A quick phone call home later and we were on the school bus for our next adventure.

In celebration the Parents' Association organised a paintballing afternoon for those who wanted to go. We were split into teams; Green,
Blue, Brown and Red, and assigned different tasks. We took part in three 20-minute long games and had a lot of fun. It was great to spend the afternoon together as a year group. It marked the end of what had been a momentous three years. We would like to thank The High School Parents' Association for organising this event for us.

Annalise Murphy - The High School Interview

Click here to listen to the Annalise Murphy High School Interview, recorded 16 September 2016, when this Olympian past pupil dropped by to speak to current pupils about sailing, school and the sweet allure of scones! 

Saturday 10 September 2016

An Unforgettable South Africa Rugby Tour

During the summer, The High School's Form 4 and 5 rugby panel set off on a two week tour of South Africa. After arriving at Cape Town via Dubai, we drove to a small town called Franschoek. While there our 2nds played the local secondary school but lost against a very quick side.  Our next opponent was Somerset College.  Both of our teams put on impressive displays and won comfortably. We traveled to Cape Town the following day and went sight seeing, visiting places like Table Mountain and Robben Island.

 We played a game against Langa Township, a team High School played the last time they were in South Africa.  We won both matches again and it was a good day out, we donated
rugby Jerseys to the Township too.

We went on a game drive and spotted loads of interesting animals.  Our final destination was Durban
where we finally got the weather we were hoping for.  Our last matter of business was to play Durban High School. They provided the biggest challenge of the tour, and we managed to front up to their big men and win a very tight match.  Our seconds were unlucky to miss out on a deserved win by conceding with minutes to go.  Then we went off to the airport, with a brief stop in a waterpark, and before we knew it, we were heading back home to Ireland.  It was an amazing experience and we would like to thank our parents and teachers for making it all possible.

Saturday 28 May 2016

High School Junior A Girls Win Cricket League Final

The High School Junior A Cricket team won their League Final on Friday. The match kicked off at around 1:30 pm in Columba's College, against Wesley College. They batted first and after a long 20 overs, finished on 130 runs. They swapped over, unsure whether they would win or not. Wesley's first two batters were out within the first 6 or 7 overs. The next two batters made most of Wesley's runs, and The High School started to doubt themselves. Finally during the last over, Laura Tuite took two wickets, and the game ended, Wesley falling 15 runs short. Man of the match went to Laura Tuite for her phenomenal bowling. Medals were awarded to both teams, and speeches were made by the High School's captain, Shauna Power, and Wesley's captain. After a very exciting and tense game, they headed to MacDonald's to celebrate. Thank you to Mr Malin and Miss Beamish, our coaches, for all their effort, and to everyone else who helped us to win the league!

Sports Day at The High School

The entire school participated in a wonderfully successful Sports Day last week.  Activities took place on the large sports field next to the pavilion and in the gym involving competitive track events (sprint, middle distance, and relay races) and field events, (long jump, high jump, javelin, and shot putt) with fun activities too.  The Student Council arranged to have an Icecream Funday fundraiser to collect money for Down Syndrome Ireland and raised over €170.  One of the highlights of the day was the pupil-teacher tug-of-war event.  This year the teachers were victorious much to the delight of all involved.  Canteen facilities provided delicious food throughout the day which was much appreciated

6th Year Graduation to Remember

On Wednesday  25 May, 6th Year pupils, gathered with their parents, teachers and school staff to celebrate their graduation from The High School.  It was a lovely evening, which began with a service at Zion Parish Church, followed by an evening of music and speeches, where pupils received their hard-earned High School graduation certificates.  It was an unforgettable night.

Sunday 22 May 2016

Trinity College Dublin Competition Succes

David Wilson  Dylan Murphy , Josh Rance and Max Hauxwell , all keen members of the school's Science Club, won 2nd prize in the Trinity College University Challenge competition in this year's Salters' Festival of Chemistry.  Well done, everyone.
Dr C Whitford.

International Cross-Country Success

Roseanne Mc Cullough has achieved a Cross Country bronze medal in a home international. The All-Ireland finals were held in Sligo, where Roseanne placed 8th in the intermediate girls’ race qualifying for the Ireland team. The home cross-country international SIAB’s were held in Scotland on 21 March 2016. The teams competing were Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Rosanne secured a 4th place position which qualified her for the Irish team and placed 23rd overall. Ireland received a bronze medal placing 3rd as a team. Roseanne finished 23rd overall and fourth best of the Irish team.  Well done, Roseanne.

Saturday 21 May 2016

Cricket Semi-finals Qualification

This week the school has enjoyed some great cricketing success.  U14b beat Templecarrig to win the league section. They go on to face Wesley College in the semi-final. Junior 1 girls beat St Andrew's College to win their league section. They will now play Mount Anville in the semi-final.  Senior 2 girls beat St Andrew's College to qualify for the semi-final against King's Hospital.  Junior 2 girls beat St Andrew's College to qualify through to the semi-final.

Tennis League Final

Congratulations to The High School junior tennis team whose 2-1 win against Mount Anville has earned them a place in the tennis league final.  They play another (higher) Mount Anville team in the final which takes place on Monday 23 May, in Templeogue Tennis Club.  If they win they will have been unbeaten in seven games. The best of luck in tomorrow's match.

Friday 20 May 2016

Summer Concert 2016

Well done to all involved in last week's summer concert which included dazzling classical, jazz, pop and rock performances.  Over two dozen different acts performed in front of a delighted audience for over two hours.  From junior to senior pupils, the very best of High School's talented performers came together to celebrate their passion for music.  It was especially poignant to hear Form 6 pupils perform for the last time as an ensemble, though we know that their careers in music will continue well into the future.  For those of you who missed the concert, there are various video clips for you to enjoy on The High School Youtube channel, as well as audio clips on our Soundcloud channel.  Thank you to Ms Bourke and Ms Rothwell for their tireless dedication to music as we eagerly look forward to next year’s stellar event.

Friday 6 May 2016

Pupil Achievement Awards Summer Term 2016

Congratulations to:

Robert McLaughlin. This Easter and the year previous, Robert travelled to “Kidane Meheret” Orphanage in Ethiopia completely funded by himself. He volunteered and stayed at the orphanage for two weeks and also brought educational and medical supplies with him. Those that know Robert will know that his enthusiasm and desire to help others is overwhelming. His accounts of the children living there with little chance of adoption is both heart-breaking and inspiring. A remarkable young man that will surely make a huge impact on the lives of many others in the years to come. Well done Robert.

Jacob Kennedy. Has been accepted into the IYGO (Irish Guitar Orchestra) following rigorous auditions. This is the first national classical guitar orchestra. Auditions were held in Derry Waterford cork Limerick and Dublin. The age range is from 13 to 23 so he was up against some stiff competition. They will be touring during the summer ending with a concert in The national concert hall and will be playing with two internationally acclaimed guitar quartets. Jake has won the ESB Feis in 2014 for under 15's classical guitar and is now playing with the LPSM string orchestra and the LPSM Guitar Orchestra. He has also recently joined the Choral Scholars based in Sandford Church. Well done Jacob.

And finally, the team award this term goes to the Minor Boys Hockey Team who won the John Waring Tournament. The first time this has ever been won by a High School Team - All Ireland Champions. A superb achievement by the team and coaches.

Well Done to all our winners and Thank you again for your nominations.

Monday 2 May 2016

Form 2 Ski Trip

On the 2 April, 53 High School pupils flew out from Dublin airport to Nice airport, for the annual Form 2 ski trip. We arrived at Hotel Marguareis in Artesina, Italy at after a 3 hour bus journey. Over the next 4 days, we skied at the resort, divided into the Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced groups. There were two lessons per day, two hours in the morning and another two hours after lunch at the hotel.  Over the course of the holiday, there were several night activities, including swimming and a movie night, which everyone enjoyed. After a stop at a shopping outlet, we flew home again from Nice airport last Thursday. Thanks to Mr McBride and all the other staff; the trip was a big success!

Remembering HSD Civilian Casualties of 1916

As part of The High School's 1916 commemorations, Transition Year Construction Studies pupils and their teacher Mr L Middleton have designed and created a poignant 3D art piece which is now on display at the 1916 Sackville Street Art Project at the Botanic Gardens.  The objective of this project is to remember each of the 262 civilians killed in the 1916 Rising. Two High School past pupils, both of whom worked at Guinness's Brewery, are counted among the civilian casualties.  However, the pupils focused on one of the men, Mr Holden Stodart, a 33 year old volunteer superintendent with the St John Ambulance Brigade who was shot near Northumberland Road as he tended to a soldier.  The other was Mr William John Rice, a 35 year old night watchman at Guinness’s Brewery who was arrested as a volunteer when he arrived for his shift and was taken out and shot. Concerned for his welfare, his colleague and housemate, Mr Cecil Dockery went to the brewery next morning to search for his friend and he was executed too. Stodart, Rice, and Dockeray were all Guinness employees, the former two were High School past pupils.  However, in an ironic twist, we recently learned that the third man, Mr Cecil Dockeray too has a High School connection.  He is the grandfather of retired High School deputy principal, Mrs Joan Geoghegan.  The old school building
in Harcourt Street was turned into an impromptu hospital during the Rising, and this fact is represented in the pupils’ project.  Pupil Sarah Morley (4B) explains: ‘The team of pupils working on the project wanted Stodart's house to show the different aspects of High School's story during the Rising. So we designed the ground floor to be a High School classroom during 1916. The middle floor represents the school's connection with the St John Ambulance Brigade, while the top floor features soldiers in combat, some of whom were High School past pupils too.’  Stodart, Rice, and Dockeray, and all those civilians who died in 1916 have corresponding houses in the 1916 Sackville Street Exhibition which continues at The Botanic Gardens until 24 April.

Friday 22 April 2016

Comóradh 1916 - A Pupil's Story

My great-grandfather, George Ward, was a member of the Irish Volunteers 1st Battalion Dublin Brigade in 1916. During Easter week he served in the Four Courts garrison under Commandant Ned Daly. He kept a diary during the week which tells of the events and fighting that he was involved in.  For most of the week he was part of a group of volunteers who occupied Jameson’s Distillery. On the sixth day they came under pressure from the British forces who had surrounded them. They retreated to Church Street and my great-grandfather George was part of a group who provided important cover fire for the volunteers.  He also wrote about his hunger and exhaustion when the garrison surrendered.  His British captors gave them tins of bully beef and biscuits. George’s commandant, Ned Daly, was one of the executed leaders.  George himself was sent to Frongoch prison camp in Wales.  He was released and sent back to Dublin on 16 July 1916. He was pleased to survive and glad to return home to his wife, Mary Frances Ward and their child.  My grandfather, Michael, was born eight years later.  My family and I are very proud of the part played by my great-grandfather, George Ward, in the 1916 Rising.
Mark Smyth

Monday 18 April 2016

TY Trip to Croke Park

On Wednesday, 6 April, the Transition Year classes and 6 Irish teachers went on a trip to Croke Park stadium, to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising. We had a tour of the stadium itself and were fortunate enough to go on the skyline tour, a walkway along the roof of the stadium. All of Dublin could be clearly seen from the rooftop, including the sites where battles for Ireland’s independence took place. Afterwards, we visited the museum, where we learned more about the history of Gaelic games. It was a really fun day out and on behalf of Form 4, I would like to thank the Irish teachers for organising this event.
Miriam Kelly

Saturday 16 April 2016

1916 'Harp' Chair

Congratulations to Stephen Doyle (6CR) on the completion of this beautiful wooden 'Harp' chair as part of his Construction Studies course.  Stephen's unique design  was inspired by the centenary of The 1916 Rising which can be seen most clearly in the distinctively Celtic harp-shaped arms of the piece. Both NCAD and DIT have provisionally offered a college place next year to Stephen on the strength of his practical work.  Well done!

Thursday 14 April 2016

Minor Boys All Ireland Champions

Congratulations to the Minor A boys' hockey team who have won the John Waring All Ireland Schoolboys Championship for the first time in the history of the school.  At Friday's assembly, Craig Fulton Irish Men’s Olympic hockey coach presented the medals to all Ireland winners. The team had qualified to represent The High School at this prestigious competition for the fourth consecutive year having defeated St Andrew's College 1-0 to win the Leinster Minor league title for the first time in the history of The High School earlier in the season.  We warmly congratulate the team on the significance of its achievements in 2015-16 and wish all members of the squad every success in future competitions.
Mr P Fitzpatrick

Habitat For Humanity - Lesotho 2016

On Friday 18 March a group of 20 nervous but highly excited High School pupils gathered at Dublin airport ready for the trip they had spent the previous year fundraising and preparing for.  Accompanied by five teachers, we flew via Ethiopia to Johannesburg, where we stayed for one night before travelling to Lesotho. The kingdom of Lesotho is a beautiful, mountainous country. Landlocked by South Africa, it has the fifth lowest life expectancy and second highest AIDS rate in the world (one in five adults is living with AIDS).  Sixty percent of people from Basotho are living in extreme poverty.
Once there, we worked hard for five days to finish two houses for families in the village of Mathebe. Though the work was hard it was extremely rewarding and we learned so much from talking to the villagers and playing with the children. Our visit to the headquarters of the national partners of Team Hope to hand out gift-filled shoeboxes was also incredibly eye-opening and for many was one of the highlights of the trip. Our experience in Lesotho was amazing and will not be forgotten by anyone on the team.  Once we had finished work on the houses we returned to South Africa where we enjoyed a trip to a safari and to the water-park in Sun City. The trip had a hugely positive impact on everyone involved and I would strongly advise anyone interested in going on the trip next year not to hesitate in applying.
Kate O’Shea

What's Up in The Art Room!

Prep for Puppets - 5th Year

6th Year Still Life - Practicing for the Practical Exams

2nd Year Clay Masks - Theme "In the Garden"

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Minor A Leinster Hockey Win

The High School Minors defeated St Andrew's College in the Minor Cup Final at Three Rock Rovers. It was an end to end game with a lot of chances. Harry Lynch broke the deadlock with a short corner goal just five minutes before half time.   High School dominated the second half with St Andrew's College having a couple of counter attacks. Tommy Myles, The High School's keeper,  made a key save in the last couple of minutes but fortunately the final whistle blew and The High School Minor A team won 1-0 for the first time in the school’s history.
Evan Jennings

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