Thursday 18 November 2021

Senior Hockey Victory

The High School started out strongly with Ben Pasley acting as the glue in midfield linking with the wing backs Sam Walsh and Marcus Empey who found the forwards.  The game started well with an Eli Breen run through the middle defeating several players to create a dangerous circle penetration.  The deadlock was broken with a lovely Tom Whelan attack down the right and a forward shot to the keeper's right.  Ben continued with great pressure in midfield turning the ball over to score a solo goal on the run from his own half.  It was 2-0 at half time. 

The second half started well with HSD continuing to attack down the wings concluding with Sam Maxwell skillfully turning defenders inside out to find Alex Lynch free in the middle of the circle.  Alex dispatched the ball into the top corner.  A continuous dominance from centre backs Luke Fitzpatrick and Darragh Sullivan saw them pick out the dynamic forward line of Oscar Loftus, Oscar Maguire, Tom Whelan, Ryan Wynne, Chris de Lacy and Alex Lynch.  The attacking continued through the midfield to find Ryan Wynne at the top of the circle. He had an amazing strike that fell to Eli who scored a wonder strike from 1 yard.  Another good lead from Charlie Beatty saw a shot saved; Eli picked it up but the tap was saved and a well-taken rebound secured the goal for Sam Maxwell.  The Most Valuable Player was awarded to Sam Maxwell for his consistent attacks down the right hand side.  A clean sheet for Luke Stevens with the help of the midfield generals Charlie Beatty and Sean O’Brien contributed to a 5-0 victory and a great start to the All Ireland campaign for The High School.  We would like to thank all supporters and staff for their continuous encouragement.  

The All Ireland competition is in a new league format this year due to Covid-19 restrictions.  Each group contains 4 teams and plays against each team. The team with the highest points in each group progresses to the semi final. The High School were drawn against Methodist College at home, Midleton College away (8 December) and Wallace High School away (January).  The High School will host Midleton College who play Wallace High School (December 13) and Methodist College (January).
Ms Gray

Thursday 4 November 2021

Irish Times Letter Writing Competition Winner

 "Dear World,

What can I say?  Our home is on fire.  We are facing mass extinction and an environmental disaster.  Climate change is real, and it is happening now.  It is popular to say that climate action is about the little things everyone can do in their lives.  And while I agree to a point, this threat is bigger than any of us individually.
We need a global response, with our world leaders taking responsibility.  From my perspective, it feels like you have a habit of pushing this problem on to us young people.  I am hurt by this.  But if we are to be successful in this, we cannot be pitted against each other.
So, I would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all of you to join the fight against climate change.  The fight of a lifetime.  Welcome.  I will have to live with consequences of how you choose to act for my whole life.  Our lives are in your hands.  However, climate change will not just affect young people and future generations, it is affecting every person who is alive right now.  The countries that contribute the least to global warming are affected the most by it, but even in wealthier countries we are feeling the effects of devastating heatwaves, fires, floods and harsher winters.  No one is immune from the effects of climate change. 
If, at the moment, you don’t consider environmental action to be the biggest priority, I beg you to rethink your values.  Economic growth will mean nothing if we are suffering and dying due to extreme weather.  You need to stop burning fossil fuels.  We need to make a complete and just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.  Because if we don’t, we will have failed.  The clock is ticking."
Tirzah Hutchinson Edgar

This letter was first published in The Irish Times on Oct 23, 2021. You can see the original article here

This letter was one of the winning entrants in the Dear World Letter Writing competition in The Irish Times. As more than 190 world leaders prepared to meet in Glasgow in October for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), The Irish Times wanted the children of Ireland to write to them, outlining their hopes, fears and solutions to the climate crisis and the action they want to see our leaders take. High School pupil Tirzah Hutchinson Edgar was one of the winning authors.