Wednesday 6 March 2024

World Book Day

On this World Book Day, I have never been more grateful to have books in my life.  Reading, in all its forms, has a multitude of benefits to enhance our lives.  In terms of academics, research shows how incredible it is for expanding vocabulary and intellectual growth.  Personally, I believe there is nothing more joyful than escaping into the pages of a captivating read and immersing myself in the life of someone so different from me.  Reading brings joy through many facets, from gaining new insights into the world to reducing stress and fuelling our imagination.  The book community is welcoming through apps such as Goodreads and even on social media where book influencers provide ample inspiration.  It has never been easier to get started with reading; you can pick up a book for free from the school library, download books onto your phone, or listen to eBooks on the way home.  Reading is a fantastic option to turn away from the negativity often associated with other forms of digital entertainment but just as simple to get started with!  This World Book Day, I urge you to start a conversation about your favourite book or learn about an exciting new author.  Most importantly, open a book and discover or rediscover the joy of getting lost in a story!

Ciara Morton