07 Feb 2023: Delegates exciting announcement…

Exciting news! For the first time since 2018 The High School is hosting a Model United Nations conference – HSDMUN! The conference is set to take place on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 March and promises to be a fantastic event for the school.   Attendees will come from schools all across Dublin and beyond to The High School for the two day event.  At an MUN conference, attendees act as delegates of different countries and discuss topics ranging from the crisis in Ukraine to inflation to maternal healthcare.  Naturally running this big event is not easy, but we’ve got an amazing MUN team that’s up to the challenge!  We will be looking for volunteers from all form groups to help out over the two days, so if you are interested please contact Mr Scanlon or Ms Maher.  
​​​​​​​Jake O’Loughlin 

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