Tuesday 21 November 2023

Senior Play - Mamma Mia by Chloe Flegg

This year pupils in Form 5 put on a production of the musical "Mamma Mia!" There were three performances held 9-11 November. I attended all these shows because my sister was part of the cast. The play was absolutely amazing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Every person involved in the production was incredible; their singing and acting skills were top-notch. The costumes were vibrant, fun, and perfectly suited to the theme of the play.


Each night, the audience was packed with lively and excited individuals who applauded and danced along. The songs performed were outstanding; some were very emotional like "Slipping through my fingers," while others brought joy and happiness like "Mamma Mia." At the end of each show, there was an encore featuring three songs where everyone had the opportunity to join in singing along and dancing. This segment became my favourite part due to its interactive nature and sheer enjoyment of participating. 
Although there was a tinge of sadness when the play concluded, I am certain that everyone involved had a lot of fun. It will undoubtedly remain as a wonderful school memory for all those who participated or witnessed this remarkable production.


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