Wednesday 31 January 2024

Leinster Swimming Gala

Last week, The High School swimmers participated in the Leinster Swimming Gala in Athy.  Over twenty schools participated in the gala, with just under 200 swimmers competing.  The High School swimmers had a very successful competition indeed.  In total, there were fourteen medals awarded.  We should like to acknowledge the hard work, determination, and dedication that each of them put into preparing for this competition.  Congratulations to all who participated in this wonderful event.  Here is a breakdown of the medalists:

Niamh Mitchell - Senior

- Backstroke: Gold Medal

- 100m Freestyle: Silver Medal

- 50m Freestyle: Silver Medal

- 50m Butterfly: Bronze Medal

Daniel Collins - Senior

- 50m Breaststroke: Silver Medal

- 100m Breaststroke: Bronze Medal

Lucy Micks  - Junior

- 50m Freestyle: Silver Medal

- 100m Freestyle: Bronze Medal

- 100m Backstroke: Gold Medal

 Erin Flashman - Junior

- 50 m Butterfly – Gold medal

- 100 m freestyle – silver medal

Chloe McCready - Junior

– 50 m freestyle – bronze medal

– 50 m breast stroke – gold medal

– 50 m butterfly – silver medal

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