On and Off the Bookshelf - Junior Readers

Ever wondered what book to read next?  Well here is a list of the books that some of the pupils in our school are reading this month.  Perhaps, you may be inspired to take a book off the bookshelf too.  

1w are reading:
-September 2015-

‘The Seventh Tower. The Fall’ Garth Nix

‘The Cardturner’ Loius Sacher

‘Michael Collins’ Pat J Coogan

‘The Reptile Room’ Lemony Snicket

‘Arthur Quinn and Hell’s Keeper’ Alan Early

‘Arthur Quinn and the World’s Serpent’ Alan Early

‘The Golden Compass’ Philip Pullman

‘Knife’ R.J.Anderson

‘A Court of Thornes and Roses’ Sarah J Maas

‘Paper Towns’ John Green

‘Wonder’ R.J. Palacio

‘Public Enemy No.2’ Anthony Horowitz

‘The Book of Lost Things’ John Connolly

‘Apple and Rain’ Sarah Crossan

‘Girl Online’ Zoe Sugg

‘Hover Car Racer’ Mathew Reilly

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