Monday 22 April 2024

Form 5 Agricultural Science

Last month, pupils in Form 5 studying Agricultural Science visited the farming marts and UCD research farm. We met at 8.00 am that morning to have a class and then left on the bus an hour later. We arrived at the mart in Kilcullen Co Kildare and were told some about some of the abbreviations of breeds and other information that would be given about the animals on the board such as weight and age. We also were told about the bidding process and allowed to pop behind the announcer’s desk. We then sat back and watched as the cows were sold and brought in and out of the ring. It was eye opening to see behind-the-scenes activities which helped us learn about cattle breeds through first-hand experience.

After visiting the mart, we drove another few minutes to the UCD research farm. We were given boot covers and then promptly started our tour. We got to see so many lambs, some just hours old. Everyone loved them, it was possibly one of the best parts of our tour. They explained the lambing process while discussing sheep qualities essential for farms' operations. Additionally, we observed milking technology demonstrations, saw cows awaiting milking, encountered a calf up close, and learned about cow outputs including year-round milk production capabilities.

Next on our tour was we explored various aspects of farm operations like new drone technology expected in upcoming years along with insights into machinery functionalities such as combine harvesters.  Safety protocols were emphasized during Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) demonstrations with quizzes focusing on farm safety rules highlighting potential hazards.

In the equestrian area of the farm pupils engaged with horses to understand their anatomy, focusing on the importance of hooves and the significance of horseshoes. Discussions revolved around different crop values encompassing oats, rice varieties, and various seeds types presented to us. A pupil shared findings from an experiment comparing different grasses ranging from red clover to perennial rye plants. At day's end a presentation was followed by distribution of goodie bags before boarding buses. The day concluded with quizzes reflecting educational experiences gained throughout this enriching field trip when we returned to school by 5.00 pm.
Saoirse Reilly

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