Friday 26 April 2024

Junior Drama Success!


"My Dinner with Jeffrey" is a particularly special play written by two Form 5 pupils at The High School: Leo Shorten and Max Lyons. The play features an array of bizarre and comical characters, from a formidable mafia boss to a slightly eccentric Antarctician potato seller, who arrive at Jeffrey Mallet’s dinner party. However, the party takes a turn for the worse when murder strikes, leading the eclectic mix of characters to scuffle over the murder of a fellow party-goer as each had grounds to be a suspect.

The aptitude and finesse of this year's cast made the play stand out. The capabilities of both older and younger pupils, along with the strong affinity between cast members, were palpable and impressive for the audience. Enormous effort was put into ensuring that the production ran smoothly: Ms Browne and Ms Forder, responsible for directing the play, dedicated significant work to structuring rehearsals, managing props efficiently, and handling various other aspects. The remarkable application and enthusiasm from the backstage crew added to an exciting and enjoyable collaborative experience.

The flair and talent displayed by this year's cast in "My Dinner with Jeffrey" Junior Drama production were particularly special. The dedication and zeal shown by those involved in directing alongside backstage support were truly impressive. Overall, producing this play proved to be an exciting and satisfying experience. When asked about their writing experience for the play, both writers expressed their happiness with the final product due to all the hard work invested by both cast and crew paying off well. They mentioned having fun during its creation process while hoping that everyone involved also enjoyed making it as much as watching it.
Olivia Leonard

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